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Enigma 2020

Enigma 2020

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Forget everything you think you know about acoustic acts. Enigma isn’t like anyone else.


Enigma is aptly named: they are hard to define, and hard to classify. Enigma is kind of like a four-piece band that doesn’t realize it’s an acoustic duo.


When you think about acoustic acts, you probably think things like “pretty,” “quiet,” and “laid-back.” While Enigma can be both quiet and pretty, they are so much more than that. With David Epp’s complex and dynamic guitar work, Carolyn Olesen’s expressive, chameleon-like vocals, and rich, exquisite harmonies, Enigma can get a crowd laughing, dancing and singing along with every song they play.


Enigma is “old-school” when it comes to professionalism and performance. You won’t see anyone reading words off an iPad or following chords in a notebook. Nor will you see anyone sitting languidly on a stool while singing or playing; Enigma is energetic, up-front, and in-your-face. Enigma believes in delivering a well-rehearsed, thoroughly planned show, a roller-coaster specifically designed for each venue and each audience, be it a rowdy night at the bar, a laid-back evening at a winery, a party, a wedding, a wake, or, yes, we’ve even done a few funerals.


So forget what you think you know about acoustic acts. Enigma is truly something out of the ordinary.


Formed in 2005, Enigma has performed extensively throughout Southeast and Central Nebraska, Western Iowa, Kansas, and Northwest Missouri. The partners, David Epp and Carolyn Olesen, possess a diverse and almost limitless musical

vocabulary, with emphasis on (but certainly not limited to) the great classic rock and pop tunes of the 1970’s. In addition to their original music, Enigma plays all the great classic songs you remember that no one else seems to play anymore. Each Enigma performance is truly unique; this band IS the ultimate acoustic experience.

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